Analyzing quality characteristics: The case of an e-health application

The study of the user satisfaction is one of the most significant issues of modern management. Modern companies, including hospitals, have recognized the importance of measuring satisfaction and have developed measuring procedures targeting at the immediate finding and improvement of their weaknesses. Furthermore, the modern competitive environment makes more intense the need of studying the clients’ behavior, in our case the patients’ behavior. It is of great importance, that by measuring satisfaction, companies and organizations have a clear view of their performance compared to the competition. The Six Sigma approach has been well recognized as an important tool for continuous improvement and business excellence. The MUSA method is a multicriteria method used to calculate partial and global customer satisfaction of a product or service based on criteria. For this paper, the selected criteria are the quality dimensions of an e – health appointment system.

Stavros Stefanakakis, Stylianos Trevlakis and Fotis Kitsios, “Analyzing quality characteristics: The case of an e – health application“, 6th International Symposium and 28th National Conference on Operational Research, Jun. 2017.

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